Divorce and Separation Attorney in Massachusetts

Divorce and Seperation Attorney in Massachusetts

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Getting a divorce is not easy. Attorney Leahy, through her roles as Of Counsel to Law Offices of Susannah Brown and Nagle & Joyce, works closely with clients and will guide you through the Massachusetts divorce process from beginning to conclusion. She will answer your questions and protect your rights during this time.

Uncontested Divorces

Pursuing an uncontested or Chapter 1A divorce is an option for couples who want to proceed with an amicable and cost effective divorce. If you and your spouse are able to communicate and agree on major issues such as custody, support and division of assets, than this course of action might be the best option for you. Negotiations and preparation of the relevant documents are completed without involvement of the court and often only one trip to the courthouse is required to submit the separation agreement to the Judge for approval and entry of a Judgment of Divorce Nisi, which then becomes a final judgment after the statutory period has run.

Contested Divorces

Pursuing a contested or Chapter 1B divorce on the grounds of an irretrievable breakdown is the most common form of divorce filing in Massachusetts. Divorces can be fairly simple or very complex. Attorney Leahy, through her roles as Of Counsel to Law Offices of Susannah Brown and Nagle & Joyce, has years of experience in helping clients with their contested divorces.

She will take the time to understand your concerns and to provide you with compassionate representation, while at the same time aggressively and efficiently pursuing your desired results.

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Representation in a contested divorce often involves:

  • Filing a Complaint for Divorce;
  • Motions for Temporary Orders of Support;
  • Establishment of Custody and Parenting Plans;
  • Determination of Alimony or Spousal Support;
  • Calculation and Determination of Child Support Pursuant to the Massachusetts Guidelines for Child    Support, or deviations therefromwhen appropriate;
  • Marital Asset Division;
  • Negotiation and Preparation of a Divorce Settlement Agreement or Separation Agreement;
  • Litigation Procedures such as Requests for Production of Documents on both sides, Depositions (which    involve oral questioning under oath as documented by a court approved stenographer), Court Appearances    on contested matters at hearings before a Judge, and ultimately if a resolution cannot be achieved, a Trial    before the Court.
  • During your case, whether it is contested or not, amicable or highly contentious, we will ensure that you are kept apprised of each step in the legal process. We will aggressively and tenaciously represent you at trial, yet endeavor to determine whether a less costly, more efficient and favorable negotiated settlement is plausible. It is ultimately your decision, and you will be in charge, with the guidance of an experienced family law attorney, as to the choice between settlement or a trial.

    Attorney Gina Leahy helps divorce clients throughout the South Shore of Massachusetts with offices in Pembroke, Westwood, and West Dennis and resides in Cohasset. If you need a divorce attorney in the greater South Shore Massachusetts area, call Attorney Gina Leahy today. Attorney Leahy works with clients in towns throughout the South Shore, including; Cohasset, Westwood, Duxbury and Pembroke.

    Call (781)206-4777 For A Consultation Today!