Civil Litigation and Personal Injury Lawyer in Massachusetts

personal injury lawyer in Massachusetts

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Whether you are involved in a routine civil case, a personal injury matter, or complex litigation, as either a plaintiff or a defendant, Attorney Gina Leahy, through her roles as Of Counsel for Nagle & Joyce and Law Offices of Susannah Brown, will provide you with experienced and effective advocacy to resolve your case expeditiously.

In the case of a plaintiff bringing a lawsuit, your objective is to right a wrong, obtain compensation for an injury, or honor an agreement. Attorney Leahy will evaluate your situation and the issues involved in a careful manner so that you can make an educated decision whether litigation is warranted. She will provide the analysis necessary to evaluate the matter from a business perspective, giving you the information to determine whether pursuing the dispute in court makes sense from both financial and personal perspectives. If you choose to pursue the litigation, she will aggressively and strategically represent your interests.

If you are a defendant, where someone has filed a lawsuit against you, your primary concern is to aggressively protect your rights in opposing the plaintiff's allegations. Attorney Leahy will provide you with a vigorous defense. When required, Attorney Leahy works closely with experts, such as investigators, accountants, medical professionals, and other relevant professionals.

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  • Personal Injury

    Representation in personal injury matters, where you have been hurt due to someone else's negligence, includes many types of personal injury cases, such as motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, products liability, premises liability, dog bites and wrongful death cases.

  • Products Liability

    If you or someone you care about has been injured by a dangerous or defective product, the remedy is to bring a claim based upon products liability laws. A products liability case can be complex and often requires the retention of an expert to identify the defects in the product's design or manufacture.

  • Contract Disputes

    Civil Litigation often involves contractual agreements and disputes around whether a party has performed its obligations under the contract. If a promise has been made and broken, and you or your business has been damaged as a result, Attorney Leahy can help. Similarly, if someone has accused you of breaching your promises under a contract, she will vigorously assist you in defending against that claim.

  • Business Disputes/Commercial Litigation

    Litigation often presents a challenge to a company's business and continuing operations. It can threaten the business' financial viability and threaten its security. Business entities are engaged in deals designed to make money and promote the growth of the business. When something goes wrong, such as breach of supply and delivery, a commercial dispute, and commercial litigation often ensues. Attorney Leahy can assist you in resolving this dispute.

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